4 Types of Portable Toilet Chemicals You Must Try

J&J's Truex portable toilet chemicals and cherry scented pump oil controller are now available to combat bad odours, remove bacteria, and provide a long-lasting fragrant fragrance! 

Toilet Chemicals for Portable Toilets & Vacuum Pump


Convenient Drop N’ Go Packets
Simply drop a packet into the holding tank and watch it immediately go to work.

The safest, easiest way to deodorise portable toilets.

  • Breaks down Paper & Waste
  • Odor Control
  • Formaldahyde free
  • Biodegradable

    For extreme heat & traffic conditions

    60 packets per bag / 240 packets per case
    4 bags per case


    ​TRUEX - LIQUID DEODORISER - 545 Tropical Strength

    Alternative to Truex Power Packet, this 19L drum neutralises odours while breaking down waste. Reduces mounding even in the most extreme conditions.

    • Superior Odour Control
    • Non-Formaldehyde
    • Long lasting deep blue colour


    Perfect to hang or hide inside Portable Restrooms, Sanitary Bins and more.

    • Long lasting scent, perfect between services
    • Complimentary to tank odour control
    • Available in "Fresh Blossom", "Mulberry" or Coconilla" Scents
    • 50 discs per bag / 250discs per carton


    A specially formulated odour management additive that eliminates bad exhaust odours and maintains service integrity. Available exclusively in cherry fragrance.

    Interested in purchasing any of our powerful cleaning products?

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