6 Simple Steps to Keep Your Portable Toilet Clean

Portable toilets have always copped a shitty reputation for being known as dirty and unsanitary; but when properly maintained, they're pretty darn nice (and clean!). 

To give your portable toilets the TLC (tender loving care) they deserve every few weeks, follow the below steps:

  1. Disinfect the Inside - Wipe down not only the toilet seat and handwash basin but also the walls, fittings and other surfaces within the portable toilet every week. Use a disinfecting solution, like Power Works, and make sure you pay special attention to the areas that are commonly touched, like the door handle. 

  2. Let it Breathe - Fresh air is not only good for the human soul, but it is also good for a portable toilet. After disinfecting the interior surfaces, leave the door open for a bit. By doing this, you'll help to dry out the inside and release any 'stuffy' smells. 

  3. Throw a Tablet In - Every two weeks, freshen up the waste tank by throwing in a deodoriser tablet with 5-10 litres of water. Not only will the tablet aggressively liquefy your business, but it will also neutralise any odours. 

  4. Place a Disc Inside - Every three to four weeks, place a new Air Works Deodoriser Disc on the toilet paper holder or coat hook and let it do its work. Choose a scent that is sure to please your crowd, whether it be Tropical Melon, Bubblegum or Lemon! 

  5. Remove Vandal - If left unattended for long periods, a portable toilet can sometimes pick up unwanted things, including graffiti. A specific graffiti remover can help keep the exterior (and interior if necessary) clean from the paint, ink, and other pleasantries your local graffiti artist may leave behind. 

  6. Keep Supplies Stock - Keep an extra supply of toilet paper, liquid soap, hand sanitiser, and paper towels nearby. No one likes to be stuck in a sticky situation, especially after dropping the kids off at the pool! If you have a rubbish or a sanitary bin, make sure it also gets emptied every week.

For further information and guidance on cleaning your portable toilets, contact Australian Portable Toilets at sales@portabletoilets.com.au or call 1800 POO WEE.